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Remake your house into a home with new flooring. Your quality new flooring remodel will make a big impact in the overall look and feel of your home. Turn your worn or outdated floors into the floors of your dreams easily, with our great options and professional installations.


Get the look you've been wanting in your home with the right flooring option at a competitive price that fits within your budget. Our financing options are available to help you get gorgeous floors in your home sooner.


Let your imagination take flight. Stop into our showroom, filled with extensive solutions, to find the perfect flooring to compliment

your home.

Your homes beautiful finish

Quality flooring solutions

Re-imagine your home with new floors

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Investing in top quality flooring pays off with immediate results. Your home will be transformed  with enviable flooring, that'll give you comfort and a selling edge.  


Your amazing transformation can be simple when you enlist the help of our experienced flooring experts. Forget your remodeling worries - your home improvement project will be in good hands

with us.


Your long lasting flooring solution will be delivered quickly at a great price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

When your floors have become worn and dated, renew them with stylish new flooring options that are easy to take care of so you'll have more free time in your day.

Rejoice - you've discovered the easy way to turn up the level of comfort and grace in your home.


Your rich hardwood floors and plush modern carpet are simply a phone call away.


Move forward and finally make your dream floors a reality.  

Have you been daydreaming about redoing your floors but always stop short because you're worried about cost?


You can relax, knowing that with us you never have to compromise. We deliver your quality flooring within your budget. Financing available.

Discover the best flooring at unbeatable prices with us. Get top quality materials and installations with the floors you want in your home. You can choose from carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and onyx with Capital City Flooring, Inc.

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